TV | January 13, 2022 12:20 pm

Olivia Nuzzi Is Developing a “Satirical DC Drama” for AMC

The political reporter is teaming up with "Killing Eve" executive producer Gina Mingacci for the new show

Olivia Nuzzi, Washington correspondent for New York magazine, is working on a satirical DC drama for AMC
Olivia Nuzzi, Washington correspondent turned TV writer.
Courtesy of Olivia Nuzzi

Olivia Nuzzi, New York magazine’s Washington correspondent who covered the Trump White House, is reportedly trying her hand at a new medium. According to Deadline, the political journalist is developing a “satirical drama set in Washington, DC” for AMC.

There aren’t many details about the show’s premise being released yet, but Deadline reports that “it follows a young reporter in DC who defects from the mainstream media.” Nuzzi will co-write and produce the series, dubbed A Message From the State, with Killing Eve executive producer Gina Mingacci.

“To stop myself from walking directly into the Potomac while covering the White House and presidential campaign, I started a writing exercise for my own amusement: could this be any funnier and more f*cked up than it already is?” Nuzzi wrote in a statement about the show. “The result is the least factual, most honest story I’ve ever told.”

Nuzzi joined New York in 2017 after working at The Daily Beast. She and Politico’s Ryan Lizza were reportedly working on a book about the 2020 presidential election, but last month Page Six reported that project had been delayed by publisher Avid Reader Press.

No word yet on when A Message From the State is expected to begin shooting or who will star in the series.