TV | March 30, 2020 11:05 am

John Krasinski Is Delivering Us “Some Good News” Via YouTube

The online talk show promises to only focus on "things that make us feel good"

John Krasinski
John Krasinski's first episode includes a talk with Steve Carell
YouTube screenshot

And now for Some Good News.

That’s the title of John Krasinski’s new online show, which debuted Sunday on the actor’s new YouTube channel. “For years now, I’ve been wondering why isn’t there a news show dedicated entirely to good news?” Krasinski wonders from what looks like his living room.

Last week, the actor reached out on Twitter asking for stories that “made you feel good this week,” and received over 3000 replies.

On his first charmingly lo-fi episode, Krasinski spoke with “entertainment correspondent” and former co-star Steve Carell to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Office and reminisce about the classic “Dinner Party” episode (and show a few outtakes).

He also spoke with Coco, the 15-year old who just had her final chemotherapy treatment and received a social-distance welcome parade during her ride back from the hospital.

Krasinski also admitted during the launch episode he “has absolutely no idea what he’s doing,” so at least we know he’s in the same boat we’re all in.

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