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Aaron Rodgers Says It “May Not Be a Reality” to Finish Career on the Packers

Jordan Love is seemingly Green Bay's choice to eventually replace the Super Bowl-winning QB.

Rodgers Love
Aaron Rodgers looks to pass against the San Francisco 49ers during the NFC Championship game on January 19, 2020.
Harry How/Getty Images

When the Green Bay Packers selected Utah State quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of the NFL Draft, the clock seemed to lurch to life on Aaron Rodgers’ tenure as starting quarterback for the only team he’s ever played for. Rodgers himself has acknowledged that fact in a conference call this week, saying that he was surprised and “not thrilled” by the selection, because it could mean he won’t finish his career with Green Bay.

According to ESPN, Rodgers was soberly realistic about what the selection of Love means for his dream to retire with the Packers:

And as much as I understand the organization’s future outlook and wanting to make sure they’re thinking about the team now and down the line — and I respect that — at the same time, I still believe in myself and have a strong desire to play into my 40s. And I’m just not sure how that all works together at this point.

Rodgers has had some struggles with injuries in recent years, though he often played through them; the one exception was the 2017 season, which saw him only play seven games. Drafting Love as both a potential replacement in future years and a present-day injury option is prudent for the Packers, though if it alienates their Super Bowl-winning quarterback, it could be a risk.

However, Rodgers, of all people, should be familiar with this scenario; after all, that is how his Packers career started. He was drafted in the first round of the 2005 draft, while Green Bay still had Brett Favre on the roster. It took him three years to start his illustrious career, so if the team follows the same timeline, he still has some time in the NFC North. However, like Favre before him, Rodgers is well aware that he might have to join a new team before retirement, if he truly plays into his 40s.

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