News & Opinion | June 7, 2019 4:17 pm

A New Hands-Free Restaurant in London Will Literally Feed You Your Meal

The height of luxury dining is hands-free

Luxury dining without lifting a finger
Luxury dining without lifting a finger

Hitting up your favorite restaurant is a relaxing alternative when you don’t feel like cooking, but why stop at having the food delivered straight to your table when you can have it delivered directly into your mouth?!

A new hands-free dining pop-up restaurant in London will take all the pressure off of dining by feeding you your meal, so you can enjoy dinner without having to lift a finger. Called “Hands Off,” the appropriately named restaurant opens its doors next week in London, and will be open for dinner from June 11 – 14.

According to the Independent, the restaurant’s hands-free dining experience is based on a popular Bangkok tradition in which guests are are served directly by hosts as sign of honor and respect. After all, is it really a luxury dining experience if you have to lift your own fork?

Hands Off customers will be treated to a tasting menu created by restaurant partner Feng Sushi. The menu will include Nippon “mock” duck — which the Independent described as a Chinese pancake with cucumber, spring onion and caramelized tofu and hoisin sauce — salmon, tuna, and Japanese omelette nigiri and vegetarian rolls.

Customers will also be fed a dessert consisting of chocolate and strawberry mochi, a Japanese rice cake.

While this pop-up may seem like another buzzy publicity stunt for the food blogosphere, it’s actually supporting a great cause. Patrons purchase tickets for the hands-free dining event, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Mary’s Meals, a charity that supports school lunch programs in underprivileged communities around the world.

So whether you’re looking to bask in the hands-free height of luxury dining or just want to see how this questionable concept plays out in real life, it couldn’t hurt to give your hands a night off.

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