Internet | February 27, 2020 10:49 am

Coronavirus Has Spread to Dating Apps

Can you stop the spread of coronavirus with a left swipe?

coronavirus dating apps
Global pandemics need love too, apparently.

The latest fad taking over dating apps is making the whole idea of “toxic” dating trends a bit more literal.

As the coronavirus makes its way around the world, it appears the disease has spread to dating apps as well. According to Business Insider, mentions of coronavirus on platforms like Tinder and Bumble are starting to rival talk of tacos, dogs, climate change and travel as the disease approaches global pandemic levels.

Some dating app users are hoping to woo a potential match with a romantic quarantine date. “This coronavirus thing is looking serious,” one Bumble user wrote in his profile, according screenshots captured by Business Insider. The user went on to boast that he has a full stock of mac and cheese, several streaming services, and a queen size bed just waiting to be hunkered down in until the global threat clears.

Over on Hinge, people are also working mentions of the coronavirus into their Hinge profiles, with one user answering the prompt “I’m looking for” with “Someone who hasn’t been infected by the coronavirus,” complete with a laughing emoji.

Meanwhile, coronavirus isn’t just popping up on dating apps as a viral pickup line. It seems the disease itself is looking for love, with multiple people spotting full Tinder profiles users have made for the virus.

According to one profile, the coronavirus studied at Wuhan University and considers masks and goggles “a huge turn off.”

Another coronavirus profile puts the illness at 26. “New in town and looking for fun,” reads that bio. “Just got out of China, traveling the world (wanderlust lol).”

This all raises a number of questions. Which coronavirus is the real coronavirus? Is there a coronavirus catfish loose on Tinder? Has the coronavirus been Ben Affleck all along? Is the whole thing just a harmless meme or a problematic trivialization of a global crisis responsible for thousands of deaths? But most importantly, has anyone actually gotten laid with a coronavirus pick up line?

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