You Can Now Own the Famous Watch From ‘Jaws’

Richard Dreyfuss immortalized the watch on the big screen.

It may not be the most memorable part of Jaws, but it is still incredibly iconic. Richard Dreyfuss’ nautical wristwatch from the cult classic has long been coveted by watch geeks since the movie hit the big screen decades ago. The creator of the watch, Alsta, is bringing back the model he wore in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film, reissuing the Alsta Nautoscaph II for a new generation of shark hunters, reports Maxim.

The watch has been unavailable for decades after Alsta went out of business in the 1970s. But the brand was then resurrected in 2014, and they promised the watch would also make a comeback. It has a unidirectional bezel and a stainless steel case, and its crown is part of a triple-lock mechanism that assures complete water resistance, according to Maxim.

There will be one change for the original: it will be made with mineral crystal glass, which is more likely to withstand a Great White’s bite. The watch is also shock-resistant, anti-magnetic and water-resistant down to nearly 1,000 feet. The limited edition of 300 Alsta Nautoscaph II watches is now available for $879.

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