Bob Woodward’s New Trump Book Alleges Chaotic White House

'Fear: Trump in the White House' will debut next Tuesday.

U.S. President Donald Trump. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
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Bob Woodward’s Trump book is already a bestseller on Amazon ahead of its release next week, and The New York Times has detailed some of the most damning stories from Fear: Trump in the White House. The administration found in Woodward’s book is allegedly one racked with anxiety over the president’s erratic behaviors, where everyone is a potential target of Trump’s belittlement.

Some of the book’s most anticipated anecdotes concern the Russia investigation, and Trump’s lawyers’ desires to keep the president out of an interview with lead investigator Robert Mueller. The book also includes the what Woodward claims to be the first release of meaty dialogue between Mueller and Trump’s lawyers.

According to Woodward’s reporting, Trump’s cabinet members and advisers are consistently disappointed by Trump’s lack of specific knowledge. Woodward reports that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron” following a defense-related meeting. In a meeting about the Korean Peninsula, the author writes that Trump’s comments spurred Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis to say that Trump understood the matter at hand like a “fifth or sixth grader.”

Mattis, however, denies the exchange, and says the quotes attributed to him were “a product of someone’s rich imagination.” The White House also rejected the Woodward book in a statement, as did Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, whom Woodward alleges called Trump an “idiot.”




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