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Liam Neeson Recognized a Horse from His Past on the Set of “Buster Scruggs”

The actor swore he'd worked with the horse on a past movie.

Watch: Tour the World’s Only Sourdough Library

Belgian baker Karl De Smedt has created an archive of more than 100 sourdough starters.

What Do You Call the Moon of a Moon?

Recent research suggests that smaller moons orbiting bigger moons is theoretically possible.

Pennsylvania Has Imposed a $150 Fee on Books for Incarcerated People

The state no longer allows physical books to be sent to inmates.

The Strange History of the Salvador Dalí Painting Stolen from Rikers Island

In 2003, prison guards organized a heist of a painting Dalí donated to the jail complex in 1965.

The Newly Discovered Dynamoterror Dinosaur Was 30 Feet Long

The Dynamoterror was a tyrannosaur that predated the T. rex.

Star of ’80s Hollywood Jami Gertz Is the Public Face of the Atlanta Hawks

Gertz has been the team's primary ambassador since her husband Tony Ressler took control of the team in 2015.

Inside the History of California Surfing Pioneer Nick Gabaldón

Black surfers like Gabaldón were instrumental in the fight to make beaches safe for African Americans.

The Strange Case of the Pentagon and Futuristic Neurotechnology

Research on connecting the human brain more seamlessly to machines could prove controversial.

The Real Killer Origin Story Behind “Halloween’s” Michael Myers

John Carpenter used a variety of influences in creating the iconic villain.

This Hard Cider Begins at an Apple Tree Near Samuel Morse’s Grave

The unusually tart fruity drink is a throwback to the Morse code inventor's era.

A New Apple Patent Could Lead to an iPhone Defense against Spam Calls

Apple currently is trailing the field of spam call prevention.

A Hologram of Amy Winehouse Will Go on Tour Next Year

The same company that is currently putting on a tour of a Roy Orbison hologram will design the show.

The Beer Mile Is Getting Serious

Drinking four beers across four quarter-mile laps has attracted an athletically accomplished crowd.