Women of Time’s Up On the Movement’s One Year Anniversary

The Time's Up movement turned 1-year-old on Jan. 1.

Time's Up
The Time's Up movement turned 1-year-old on Tuesday. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

It’s been one year since over 1,000 women in the entertainment industry came together to form Time’s Up, a a coalition that fights back against sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Its leaders like actresses Amber Tamblyn, Emma Watson and Tracee Ellis Ross, producer Shonda Rhimes and founding member Nina Shaw spoke with CNN on the anniversary to reflect on the inaugural year they had, their achievements and the work yet to be done.

“My involvement with Time’s Up has been profoundly life changing,” said Shaw, a law partner at Del Shaw Moonves Tanaka Finkelstein & Lezcan.

“I have never been satisfied with the status quo and to find a similarly minded group of people and to be part of a movement that is changing lives has renewed my faith that individuals can band together and make real lasting change,” she continued. “I am going to fight this battle for safety and equity in the workplace until it is won.”

“Accountability looks like these cases finally going to trial,” Rhimes said. “Accountability looks like not getting a 9-figure golden parachute on your way out the door after a number of sexual harassment complaints.

“Accountability looks like a day when women of all kinds are treated equally and believed equally no matter what the circumstance of the assault or harassment. Or maybe that is just what I hope the future looks like for my daughters.”

“The ‘Dear Sisters’ letter and the lead-up to last year’s Golden Globes stand out to me as incredible and unprecedented moments,” added Ross. “Being a part of this hard-working group of women who were willing to lean in to each other, roll up our sleeves and lead the charge was life changing.

“Those early moments of Time’s Up fueled me with a new kind of courage,” she said. “I learned and continue to learn so much from these able, smart, wise, kind, bold women whom I now call my friends.”

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