Woman Heckles Louis C.K. At The Comedy Cellar

The disgraced comedian performed a surprise set in NYC.

louis c.k.
Louis C.K. was heckled at a recent show at the Comedy Cellar in New York City (Adam Glanzman/Getty)
Adam Glanzman

Louis C.K. was heckled during a recent surprise set at the Comedy Cellar in New York City. When the disgraced comedian took the stage, audience member Klaire Randall was, to say the least, not thrilled with his appearance.

The former funny man, who has been in hiding since accusation of sexual misconduct surfaced last year, was trying out new material — including jokes centered on things like inserting a thermometer rectally and what 8-year-old girls sexual thoughts could be like.

The Cut spoke to Randall about what happened when the comedian paused to look at his notes: “Ten minutes or so in there was a little bit of a break, and he walked over toward the piano near where I was sitting to look at his notes. And in that moment I just yelled “get your d*ck out.” I wasn’t thinking at the time that it would become news, I wasn’t trying to make him mad or get laughs from the audience, I just knew that I could not sit in that room and let him think he had an uninterrupted stage. I’d had one Yuengling, It was my first drink of the night so it definitely wasn’t liquid courage, and I’m definitely not someone who would be known for heckling.”

Randall told The Cut that Comedy Cellar staff came to her table to tell her that her bill had been paid for and that she could leave. The deed was done, nothing could have stopped Randall from speaking up. “All I could think at the time was that I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I had this opportunity to publicly call out an abuser to his face and I just quietly sat there.”

The Comedy Cellar denies forcing Randall to exit the comedy club.

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