Emo Band Frontman Accused of Leading a Violent Sex Cult

William Francis, who goes by stage name William Control, is the former lead singer of the band Aiden.

sex cult
Will Francis of William Control performs at The Emerson Theater on November 30, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Joey Foley/Getty Images)
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William Francis, the former lead singer of emo band Aiden who goes by the stage name William Control, has been accused by multiple women of being the leader of a violent sex cult, where women were branded with his initials and forced to obey his every demand. The women claim Francis physically and emotionally abused women and demanded contracts from his sexual partners signed in their own blood. The Daily Beast obtained an excerpt from a pledge that read, “My body is His to use in any way He should choose, and I will never object to any actions He chooses to perform, or have myself perform on Him. There is no limitation to what kind of pain I am willing to endure for my Master.” The accusations started when a woman named Vitoria Chan posted a statement on Facebook, alleging that she was “groomed” into William Control’s “cult” starting when she was 14.

However, this isn’t the first time he has been accused of sexual misconduct. In October 2017, Francis issued a now-deleted “real and sincere apology to anyone in the world for any hurt I have caused.” He also announced he was retiring from touring. According to The Daily Beast, the Federal Way Police Department in Washington confirmed the existence of the case, but they declined to prosecute Francis.

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