Essential Map for Travelers Shows Wi-Fi Passwords at Airports Around the World

January 6, 2017 5:00 am
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Air travelers should thank a man named Anil Polat—because he just made their journeys a little bit better.

Regular fliers know well the turbulence of killing time while navigating airports—especially during the holiday season. From standing on lines before going through security to waiting to board the plane at the gate, air travel is chock full of waiting and cellphones are an essential way to maintain sanity.

Polat's handy Wi-Fi map (Google Maps)
Polat’s handy Wi-Fi map (Google)


A computer security engineer and travel blogger, Polat created an interactive map that details the passwords for Wi-Fi networks at more than 200 airports worldwide. Updated regularly, the map details the password and location, whether it’s throughout the entire building or designated to a particular airline’s lounge, on a customized interactive map built off of a Google platform. It even includes recommendations on places to sit for the best Wi-Fi reception, too.

Check out the map below by clicking on an airport.

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