What Will ‘Deadpool’ Look Like at Disney?

Disney's takeover of 21st Century Fox could have consequences for the franchise's R rating.

Deadpool 2 made $301 million internationally over the course of its opening weekend, a number so significant that it raises questions over how Disney will handle the franchise moving forward.

The Deadpool franchise currently belongs to the 20th Century Fox, a studio soon to be absorbed by Disney once the 21st Century Fox sale goes through. The quagmire for Disney is, of course, Deadpool’s R-rated tendencies and the media empire’s family-friendly reputation.

Disney very rarely releases R-rated movies, and when they do, they tend to be as part of quiet distribution arrangements, as was the case with 2013’s The Fifth Estate. Deadpool’s reputation is deeply entangled with its willingness to go raunchier than other Marvel products.

When the sale was first reported, Disney CEO Bob Iger expressed potential willingness to keep Deadpool’s R-rating, but how Disney will influence the spirit of the movies remains to be seen.

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