How Well Do You Know the ‘New Rules of Chivalry’?

LA stylist and model Miska Sykora relays some updated Ps and Qs for 2018.

Miska Sykora (InsideHook)

No man likes having to cast his line back into the proverbial sea after getting out of a long relationship. Because dating requires practice. It requires effort. And it requires a working knowledge of the rules and norms that dictate acceptable social behavior at any given cultural moment.

Do you know what those rules and norms are in 2018? Because they’re certainly not the same ones your father abided.

Here to help you navigate: a video series from Insidehook that sets up regular guys with experts who help them revamp certain aspects of their daily lives.

In the second episode, a newly single guy teams up with L.A. model and stylist Miska Sykora, who’s been enlisted to help him clean up his appearance and teach him the “new rules of chivalry.”

Rules we could probably all stand to review, it bears noting.

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