Weinstein Accuser Rose McGowan Calls Hollywood’s MeToo Support “A Band-Aid Lie”

McGowan was one of the first women to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

rose mcgowan
Rose McGowan, film-maker and author of 'Brave', at the Hay Festival on June 2, 2018 in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. (David Levenson/Getty Images)
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In the 12 months since Rose McGowan became one of the first women to publicly accuse movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, the actress has established a spot for herself at the forefront of the #MeToo movement.

McGowan has been outspoken, and at times controversial, in leading what is now a historic reckoning within the industryBut the 45-year-old actress and filmmaker now appears to be disenchanted with Hollywood’s war against sexual misconduct.

In an interview with the British Sunday Times Magazine, McGowan criticized the entertainment industry and movements like Time’s Up, calling the efforts “bullsh-t” and “a lie.”

“I just think they’re douchebags,” McGowan said, referring to other celebrity #MeToo supporters in an interview published Sunday, according to The Post. “They’re not champions. I just think they’re losers. I don’t like them. How do I explain the fact that I got a GQ Man of the Year award and no women’s magazines and no women’s organizations have supported me?”

She also said she has been left out of “#MeToo campaign lunches or survivors’ brunches.”

“And I don’t want to go, because it’s all bullsh-t,” she said, according to The Post. “It’s a lie. It’s a Band-Aid lie to make them feel better. I know these people, I know they’re lily-livered, and as long as it looks good on the surface, to them, that’s enough.”

After she received immediate criticism on Twitter, McGowan clarified that she never said #MeToo is a lie.

“I was talking about Hollywood and Time’s up, not #MeToo,” she wrote. “#MeToo is about survivors and their experiences, that cannot be taken away.”

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