Watch Hyperloop One Hit Record New Speeds During First Run

The pod hit almost 200 mph on the test track.

August 2, 2017 1:31 pm

Hyperloop One development track is up and running, and the company just shared the first footage of an XP-1 pod’s test run.

The pod went down the DevLoop test track at almost 200 mph for nearly the full length of 547 yards, reports Mashable. This new run, called Phase 2, builds on Hyperloop One’s breakthrough first full-scale run in the vacuum environment, which was widely publicized last month.

This phase was bigger, faster and longer, and according to Hyperloop One, “obliterated all of its previous records.” The pod uses the company’s magnetic levitation (called mag-lev) propulsion system to hit 192 mph. It traveled a total of 1,433 feet.

Phase one only went 69 mph and 315 foot marks.

The company said that it hopes to push the XP-1 pod to speeds of around 250 mph in its next round of tests. The company’s ultimate goal is to create the world’s first new mode of transportation in over a century.

No active tracks are under construction for real-world use yet, but the news about Phase 2 could be a promising sign of what’s to come.

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