Twitter Reveals How Many Daily Active Users It Has

It’s the first time the social media platform has released this data.

Twitter's flagging policy
Twitter is finally doing something about all the bullying. (Jaap Arriens/ NurPhoto)
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For the first time Twitter has revealed how many daily active users who write and read tweets on the platform every day.

Twitter sees a fraction of Facebook’s 1.2 billion daily users every day as 126 million active users log on every day. That’s 60 million users less than Snapchat’s daily count.

Twitter’s earnings report released on Thursday also revealed it was the company’s fifth consecutive quarter of profitability, The Washington Post reports. Figures show that it brings in $909 million in revenue in the fourth quarter, a 24% increase from a year ago.

Despite being much smaller than other social media platforms, Twitter continues to maintain daily user growth with a 9% increase in daily active users compared to the same time last year.

“2018 is proof that our long-term strategy is working,” Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive, said in a statement. “We enter this year confident that we will continue to deliver strong performance by focusing on making Twitter a healthier and more conversational service.”

Dorsey chatted with investors on Thursday to champion the platform as one of the best places to engage in unique conversations: “You can’t find the conversation on Twitter anywhere else,” he said.

Twitter will continue to disclose their daily active user count but will no longer provide data on monthly numbers.

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