Twitch Bans Simp Shaming

The live-streaming platform is banning derogatory use of the word "simp."

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No more calling simps "simps" on Twitch.
MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images

You have just over a month left to call someone a simp on Twitch, if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

At the company’s town hall this week, COO Sara Clemens announced that starting next month, selective use of the words “simp,” “incel,” and “virgin” will be prohibited on the live-streaming platform. However, the terms will only be banned in situations in which their use is deemed insulting by whatever Twitch overlords will apparently be tasked with making the call on a case by case basis.

“We will take action against the use of terms like ‘simp,’ ‘incel’ or ‘virgin’ specifically when they are being used to negatively refer to another person’s sexual practices,” a Twitch spokesperson told The Verge. “Using these terms on their own wouldn’t lead to an enforcement but we would take action if they were used repeatedly in a harassing manner.”

In addition to those specific terms, the platform also plans to prohibit any “derogatory statements about another person’s perceived sexual practices or sexual morality,” as well as any “sexually-focused terms” about someone else.

The changes come in response to a number of complaints about abusive behavior on the platform, prompting Twitch to launch an overhaul of its harassment policy. Following a review of Twitch’s policies towards hateful conduct and harassment earlier this year, the company has specified that blackface, swastikas and the Confederate flag all are banned from the platform according to its hateful images policy.

“This is not new,” the company explained last week, “but the new guidelines will make the standard clearer for everyone.”

The new policies are expected to go into effect January 22, so get your last simps in while you can.

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