Trump Wants Nonexistent 6G Internet “As Soon As Possible”

The President is already over 5G.

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President Trump announced in a pair of tweets Thursday that he’d like to see 6G in the United States alongside 5G “as soon as possible.”

It’s not entirely clear what spurred Trump’s sudden interest in the internet, The Verge noted, but the tweets ultimately go back to Trump’s concerns that Chinese companies like Huawei will take the global lead on 5G. There were reports last year that the Trump administration considered developing its own nationally-run 5G service, mainly out of concern that “China has achieved a dominant position in the manufacture and operation of network infrastructure.”

“That plan was quickly quashed due to it being entirely nonsensical,” The Verge wrote.

But, confusingly, Trump’s tweets are actually in opposition with actual US policy. He wrote, “I want the United States to win through competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies.” However, current reports show that his administration has considered blocking Chinese companies from rolling out 5G equipment in the United States.

He took it to the next level, then, by virtually skipping over 5G and his demand that U.S. companies bring it here and threw 6G into the mix as well.

When The Verge reached out to CTIA (which represents the wireless communications industry in the U.S.) it didn’t address Trump’s demand for 6G internet, choosing instead to stick with 5G.

“With the Administration’s continued backing, the US wireless industry can bring more robust 5G networks to more communities faster,” CTIA said.

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