The One Topic Trump Declared Off-Limits at His Comedy Central Roast

Small hands? Fine. Shtupping Ivanka? Cool. But not this.

August 4, 2016 9:00 am

“Donald says he wants to run for President and move to the White House. Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time he pushed a black family out of their home.”

Words of one Calvin Cordozar, aka Snoop Dogg, at Comedy Central’s 2011 Roast of The Donald. The wisecrack was met with excited giggling from Mr. Trump, who was apparently cool with people joking about his history of racial discrimination.

In fact, according to veteran Comedy Central writer Aaron Lee, while jokes about Trump’s worth as a man were OK, jabs about his net worth were ruled off the table. According to Lee — who notes “it’s always interesting to learn what is ‘sacred’ for a celebrity” —  “any joke that [suggested] Trump is not actually as wealthy as he claims to be” was off-limits.

However, there were many things Trump had no problem with. Like:

  • Jokes about his hair
  • Jokes about his wife Melania (and his two previous marriages)
  • Jokes about him having sex with models (Ed. note: we’re OK with those jokes, too; send ’em over)
  • Jokes about the failure of Trump Steaks, Trump Water, Trump Cologne and other Trump products
  • Jokes about his failed casinos
  • Jokes about how he only became successful thanks to his wealthy father
  • Jokes about his weight
  • And jokes about him being attracted to his daughter Ivanka

There’s no word on if digs about Trump’s hands were kosher, but we’re guessing roasters were told not to lay a finger on that topic.

Including Snoop’s zinger from above, here’s a look at what made the cut:

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