Tracking Tornadoes With a Professional Storm Chaser

September 1, 2016 5:00 am

Storm chasers are always one inclement storm away from an untimely demise. That’s why meteorologist and professional storm chaser Tony “Hailboy” Laubach says, “It takes a certain craziness for people to go out and pursue these things.”

Laubach’s been cheating death since 1997, and he’s been featured on CNN, the Discovery Channel, and the National Geographic Channel tracking down everything from tornadoes and blizzards to hailstorms. He specializes in twisters, having witnessed 250-plus over his career.

Currently employed as a photojournalist and weatherman for WSIL-TV in Carterville, Illinois, Laubach circumnavigates the country in his car—armed to the teeth with video cameras and high-tech weather radar gear—seeking out disastrous storms while they take place.

Watch as Laubach takes you on a harrowing journey through Kansas, which is part of the deadly “Tornado Alley.”

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