You Like Music? You’ll Like This.

CD quality jams. Lossless FLAC files.

By The Editors
November 18, 2014 9:00 am
You Like Music? You’ll Like This.

Gonna be cold this week.

And next week.

Aaaaand for the foreseeable future.

We call this “stay inside, put on headphones, forget the world” weather.

And you’ll want Tidal when you do that.

Just launched by a high-end Scandinavian audio company and available for pretty much any device (iOS, Android, Windows, web streaming), Tidal is Spotify on steroids: better features, more intuitive interface, much better sound.

We’re talking lossless FLAC files. That’s CD quality, a first for a streaming service — and certainly noticeable if you’re listening on anything beyond chintzy iPhone earbuds.

Besides superior sound, Tidal has the usual goodies — curated playlists, offline listening, personalized radio stations — with several bonus features.

Like 75,000 music videos on demand. Audio recognition a la Shazam. A much cleaner, more informative interface — want to know the producer and mastering engineer for that new Mark Ronson song? One swipe away.

Plus, some solid music recommendations, courtesy of an in-house editorial team.  

On launch, the service offers 25 million tracks, on par with other streaming services.

We’re listening.

Nota bene: If, like us, you’ve been searching for the perfect streaming service, consider the following five streaming sites. Each is well-suited to discovery and long listens.

22tracks: Europe’s top DJs curate playlists every week.
Supper:  The intersection of food and music.
This Is My Jam: Best way to find, and share, great tunes.
BBC Music: Our favorite new curated music site. Ridiculously ahead of the curve.
Gibbon: Pandora for knowledge. These are playlists for learning things.

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