This Video of Dissolving Pills Proves That Science Can Be Art

August 15, 2016 5:00 am

Camera technology has become so advanced that just about anything can become the subject of a fascinating photo project. Ben Ouaniche, an Israeli photographer, created a timelapse video proving this concept. Employing stunning macro photography, the 27-year-old documents the simple act of a pill dissolving in water. The video captures the pill breaking down in such a way that it almost appears to be a blossoming flower.

The project wasn’t as simple as dropping a pill into a solution and hitting record. Because the shots were filmed on a rotating platform, the timelapse was a relatively laborious process, with most sequences taking as many as 10 hours to film. Ouaniche described his efforts to photography blog PetaPixel. “The timelapse movement, light changes, and the very sensitive macro environment were only a few of the factors that made this project very time-consuming and challenged me to find creative solutions,” the Israeli photographer said. Enjoy the product of his effort in the video below.

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