Meet the Lawyer Representing the Fired #MeToo Men Of Wall Street

John Singer helps men fired over allegations of sexual misconduct.

#MeToo hashtag, is the campaign encouraging women to denounce experiences of sexual abuse. (BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images)

Attorney John Singer has recently been representing a new crop of clients: High-powered men fired over allegations of sexual misconduct.

By taking on these clients — men who are taking on their former Wall Street employers — Singer has waded into a particularly controversial territory. Singer’s approach is to insist that his clients are the true victims, which has earned some of the men unlikely victories, reports The Wall Street Journal. 

Singer’s clients include Omeed Malik, a Bank of America Corp. managing director who lost his job in January after a woman at the bank said he made unwanted advances, and Harold Ford Jr., who was let go from Morgan Stanley once the bank learned of allegations of misconduct levied by a non-employee. Both men were eventually offered money or public statements that could help them build back their damaged reputations.

The recent outpouring of misconduct allegations against powerful men in Wall Street leads to an issue for employers. If they don’t fire the men who are accused of misconduct, they risk being seen as soft on harassers and open themselves to potential lawsuits. If they fire the men too quickly, however, the companies open themselves up to lawsuits from the alleged abusers.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Singer said of the #MeToo movement, according to WSJ. “But from a myopic standpoint of what I do for a living, I think it has an underbelly to it, because I think that the firms are shooting people without doing a fulsome investigation.”

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