The Obamas Just Inked a Multi-Year Deal to Produce Content for Netflix

Don’t sleep on Barry O

May 21, 2018 9:00 am

When “they” go low … The Obamas go high. Literally.

Barack and Michelle’s brand new production company, “Higher Ground”, just inked a multi-year, (presumably) multi-million dollar deal with Netflix to produce a menagerie of unscripted series, scripted series, documentaries, docu-series and features for the global streaming king.

If that all sounds incredibly non-specific … yes. Information is still limited at this stage, and Netflix is famously tight-lipped with development details. Safe to say, though, the former President and First Lady won’t be co-writing a multi-camera ‘80s sci-fi spec. We’re thinking something that echoes their work on Chicago’s South Side seems like a safer bet.

The deal is an interesting move, and one that will inevitably draw outrage assumptions from some that the content is aimed at undermining the current administration, although associates with knowledge of the dealings claim that isn’t the case. Either way, it’s a bit of a jarring reminder that a president we had for eight years is still just 56.

Production company by way of the Oval Office could very well be the norm a couple decades from now.

Main image: Wikimedia Commons

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