The Jaguar E-Type Might Be The World’s Most Beautiful Restomod

You can't beat it.

E-Type UK (Jaguar)

The Jaguar E-Type is definitely thought of as one of the world’s most beautiful cars, but the car dates it debut to the 1961 Geneva Motor Show. That means driving one in 2018 probably falls short of an owner’s expectations. So English restoration shop E-Type UK has decided to bring the classic roadster up to modern requirements.

The company claims they can pronounce “the highest-spec E-Type ever” and Maxim says it looks like they kept their promise. The chosen restoration candidate is a V12-powered 1974 Series 3 example, which is stretched 9 inches compared to the original design, which makes the chassis weaker E-Type UK weld in reinforcing steel tubes to give the frame the strength for upgraded suspension and steering.

The restored car features adjustable “sports suspension mounted with stiffer polyurethane bushings and four-piston AP Racing brake calipers with vented and grooved discs,” according to Maxim. Its V12 engine was enlarged to 6.1 liters from the original 5.3 liters and has an electronic fuel injection that eliminates finicky carburetors.

Other upgrades include LED headlights and daytime running lights, electric windows, mirrors and a remote central-locking system. The seats are more comfortable and there is an illuminated start button above the radio to really get a modern feel.

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