The Guy Stormy Daniels Described for Sketch Looks Like Her Husband

TMZ says the sketch of a man who Daniels says threatened her in 2011 looks like Brendon Miller.

stormy daniels
Adult film actress Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford) exits the United States District Court Southern District of New York for a hearing related to Michael Cohen, President Trump's longtime personal attorney and confidante. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
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Stormy Daniels released a composite sketch on Tuesday of the man she alleges threatened her in 2011. She and her lawyer are offering a $131,000 reward to anyone who can identify the perpetrator. But TMZ writes that the sketch looks eerily similar to Daniel’s husband, Brendon Miller. The two porn actors were married in 2010.

President Donald Trump, who has denied Daniel’s allegations that she had an affair with him in 2006 and that she was forced into signing a hush agreement, tweeted that the sketch was of a “non-existent man.”

Daniels says that the alleged threat took place in 2011, shortly after she had agreed in May of that year to sell her story about Trump to a magazine for $15,000. Daniels says she was in a Las Vegas parking lot with her infant daughter.

“A guy walked up on me and said to me, ‘Leave Trump alone. Forget the story,’” Daniels told 60 Minutes. “And then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, ‘That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.’ And then he was gone.”

At the top of the sketch is says that the man is between 5’9″ and 6′ tall, between his 30s and early 40s and had a lean but “fit” body type.

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