Apple’s Terms and Conditions Just Became a Comic Book

Now will you read them?

February 8, 2017 9:00 am

The last time Apple’s Terms and Conditions were featured in a cartoon, it was on South Park, and it ended with Kyle being the meat in a Humancentipad sandwich.

Not a pretty sight.

This time, Apple’s infamous legal agreement has gotten a less disturbing but equally as entertaining treatment in the form of a graphic novel drawn by cartoonist Robert Sikoroyak. In Terms and Conditions — which is being released in March for $15 — Sikoryak does a word-for-word adaptation of the dense document spread over 108 pages featuring classic characters like Snoopy, Dilbert, Calvin and Homer Simpson reimagined as Steve Jobs.

Sikoryak’s creation is meant to be more accessible than the original, a kind of “surreal record of our modern digital age where technology competes with enduringly ironclad mediums.”

You can check out different versions of the work here and here; we’ve also shared some excerpts below.

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