Super Nintendo World Opening at Universal Studios Japan in 2021

The opening kicks off with an AR-enhanced "Mario Kart" roller coaster inside Bowser's castle

bowser castle super nintendo world
The "Mario Kart" roller coaster is located inside a version of Bowser's castle that's been constructed.
Universal Studios Japan

“Hey, you got video games in my amusement park!” “You got amusement park in my video games!” To the best of our knowledge, this conversation remains entirely theoretical — but that’s all about to change early next year. In February 2021, Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. If you’ve ever wanted to ride a roller coaster based on one of your favorite video games, you might have something new at the top of your post-pandemic travel wish list.

The Verge reports that this project, which has been in the works for several years, is opening slightly ahead of schedule. The zone will open on February 4, 2021.

The opening will center on two rides: one themed around Mario Kart, the other called Yoshi’s Adventure. The former will make use of AR headsets; a preview of the ride can be seen at Bloomberg, with some clips available on Twitter as well.

Adding to the video game theme, park attendees will wear magnetic bracelets which will enable them to accumulate points over the course of their stay.

The Nintendo-themed zone will feature social distancing and other measures to safeguard against the pandemic when it opens, along with the rest of the park.


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