SpaceX Has Decided Where The First People It Sends To Mars Will Live

Hopefully they won't mind small spaces.


Elon Musk and his company SpaceX have been talking about their plan to build a city on Mars for years now.

But they never really talked about how a Martian metropolis would be set up or what it would look like. But now, SpaceX’s Paul Wooster, principal Mars development engineer gave the people what they want and provided a few details on where the first people SpaceX sends to Mars will actually live.

According to CNet, the SpaceX plan called for an unmanned, robotic mission to Mars as soon as 2022. This will be follow by a human flight to the red planet just a few years later. Wooster, while speaking at the 21st annual Mars Society Convention, said that initial Mars operations will probably be based out of the landed SpaceX “BFR” spacecraft on the surface while building habitation, landing pads and other infrastructure.

“Early on, they’re very valuable on the surface of Mars. You’d actually be having most of the ships stay and you’d be operating using the various systems on them to support the activities there,” he told the crowd, according to CNet. “Very much early on they’d be sitting there indefinitely.”

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