Space Hotel Offers Stunning Views of Earth, for a Price

The Aurora Station will offer spectacular looks at the northern and southern lights.

space hotel aurora station
An illustration of the Aurora Station space hotel created by Orion Span. (Orion Span, Inc)
Orion Span

A stay at the Aurora Station, a space hotel set to orbit Earth by 2022, will offer epic views of Earth and the northern and southern lights – at a price.

A 12-day trip to space starts at $9.5 million per person- well worth the ticket price if you ask us.

“Part of our experience is to give people the taste of the life of a professional astronaut,” says Frank Bunger, founder and chief executive officer of Orion Span, the firm behind the space hotel. “But we expect most guests will be looking out the window, calling everyone they know, and should guests get bored, we have what we call the ‘holodeck,’ a virtual reality experience. In it you can do anything you want; you can float in space, you can walk on the Moon, you can play golf.”

Visitors will get the chance to live like an astronaut while getting shut eye in sleeping bags attached to the spacecraft and working on experiments like growing food. The hotel guests, however, won’t be using their own urine to recycle into water (the water will be brought up with each new load of guests).

Though a brilliant idea for people wanting to travel to space for a short vacation, many in the industry believe it when they see it. The space hotel hasn’t even begun construction.

“I mean, Aurora Station is a nice gadget,” said Christian Laesser, from the Research Center for Tourism and Transport at the University of St Gallen in Switzerland. “But if it will be implemented remains to be seen.”

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