Monster Energy Girls Are Jumping Into Motorcycle Racing World

Monster Energy Girls Get Into Motorcycle Racing
(Monster Energy)


Beautiful women and motorcycles? It’s the best combination since chocolate and peanut butter.

The popular Monster Energy Girls, who’ve made a name for themselves shilling for the high-octane energy drink at Nascar events, have recently surfaced in the motorcycle racing world.

As of last year, Juliana Daniell has been reigning as the first-ever “Miss Supercross,” which Maxim notes is an attempt at cutting into Red Bull’s marketshare.

Per the magazine, she’s a former Virginia Tech swimmer, who’s now tasked with meet-and-greet at the sponsor’s race-day events. Monster is now the title sponsor for a major American motorcycle racing circuit, the American Motorcyclist Association Supercross, which made for a perfect fit for more girls.

Take a look at some more photos of the Monster Energy Girls below.


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