Pro-Trump Blogger Revealed To Be Ex-Journalist Who Hates FBI

How Michael D. Moore came to run a site filled with conspiracies and fake news.

fake news
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Since launching in June 2016, the Pro-Trump website True Pundit, and its owner, who goes by the historical pseudonym Thomas Paine, have carved out a unique niche in our polarized information environment. New York magazine, in a piece that was debunking two True Pundit stories, wrote that Paine is “fluent in the paranoid language of 2016 social media.”

Along with his pseudonym, Paine uses almost exclusively anonymous sources to establish the persona of a deeply connected reporter with a vast network of FBI, law enforcement and government sources. He adds false or conspiracy-filled claims to real events or documents, so that everything seems rooted in fact. Buzzfeed News reports that it works, as the retweets, traffic and supporters have clearly rolled in. So who is Paine? Buzzfeed investigated Paine’s and True Pundit’s social media accounts, business and court records, and other publicly available information to find out.

Their answer: Thomas Paine is Michael D. Moore, a 51-year-old Pennsylvania man with a background in journalism, a criminal record as the result of an FBI investigation, and “a long history of shady and illegal business practices.” Moore published a story on his website confirming Buzzfeed’s reporting.

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