Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang to Campaign Remotely Using 3D Hologram

The high-stakes race just got more high-tech

Andrew Yang has plans to campaign with holograms. (Getty Images)
Andrew Yang has plans to campaign with holograms. (Getty Images)
Getty Images

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Actually, you can be in two, or even three, places at the same time … when you have a 3D hologram of yourself.

And Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang does. He plans to use it for campaigning remotely, according a report from The Hill, based on a TMZ Live segment that aired on Wednesday. In that show, Yang performed a duet alongside a famous hologram of rapper Tupac Shakur.

Yang, a 33-year-old entrepreneur in New York City, said that his hologram could come in handy for stumping in “Iowa or other battleground states” so he can speak with multiple crowds at once, the Hill reports.

In an interview with Iowa newspaper the Carroll Times Herald, Yang went into more detail on the innovative move.

“We are exploring rolling a truck out that would enable someone to see a hologram of me that is three-dimensional give my stump speech,” Yang, a 33-year-old American businessman, said according to The Hill. “And, also, if I were in a studio, which we could set up very easily, I could beam in and take questions live.”

Yang added that hitting the hologram-paign trail is the next best thing to being there for people. “They would see my every gesture and movement,” he said.

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