The Moon Is Getting Its Own 4G Network, for Sh*ts and Gigs

‘Yeah, it can get a little spotty up here.’

February 28, 2018 9:00 am

The moon’s getting its own 4G network.

In other news, good luck ever beating that phone addiction.

But before you start complaining about wasted tax dollars and starving populations, it’s not exactly what you think. An Avengers-style telecom team of Vodafone Germany, Nokia, Audi, Berlin-based Part Time Scientists and SpaceX is set to team up on various stages of the project, from a planned SpaceX Falcon launch at Cape Canaveral in 2019, to eventually planting LTE stations on the moon’s surface. 

Their goal in all this? High-definition streaming from the lunar landscape to your living room. Essentially, roving, remote-connected cameras stationed on the moon will transmit a video stream to PT Scientists’ spacecraft “Alina,” which will in turn forward the data to Earth, where you can keep track of moon comings and goings  at a picture quality that’s up to snuff. 

Or maybe it’s all a fake.

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