Let Pedro Pascal Drink as Much Caffeine as He Wants

The 47-year-old's got a lot on his plate. Don't mind the six shots in his cup.

A shot from Pedro Pascal's "SNL" hosting gig.
He's everywhere! Fresh off his "SNL" hosting gig, Pascal is carrying two of the most popular shows on TV.
Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

Whatever your personal, most-caffeinated day ever is — studying for finals, driving across the country, aggressively committing to Espresso Martinis for an entire wedding weekend — Pedro Pascal probably has you beat. Your PR is The Last of Us star’s Tuesday. At least, that’s the impression we’re left with after a video of the 47-year-old exiting a Starbucks went viral during the last few days.

In the clip, posted by a fan who “ran into him” on the sidewalk (she happens to be armed with a Mandalorian action figure), Pascal chats and chuckles for a bit while cradling his iced coffee. And as the video has more than 950,000 views, someone was bound to zoom in on his order eventually. It’s a doozie. Verbatim? Ice Quad Espresso in a Venti cup, extra ice, six shots of espresso.

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The internet has reacted accordingly. Some are writing “we are concerned,” as others have referenced Pascal’s acknowledgment of his “Daddy” status — “Daddy needs his coffee every morning to carry the entire world and a fandom over his shoulders,” one caption reads.

In The Last of Us, Pascal plays Joel, a skilled and snarly survivor in a world rife with infected zombies, despotic regimes and starving raiders. He very rarely gets a solid eight hours of sleep. He’s too haunted by his past, and too wary of the next threat around the corner — which somehow always turns out to be even gnarlier than anticipated.

Suffice to say, the man needs his coffee, and in one episode he even brews up a fresh pot. His surrogate daughter Ellie remarks that it “smells like burnt shit.” But it gives him energy when he needs it, and gets the duo through another day.

Considering what a wounded Joel was able to accomplish on a quick dose of penicillin in last week’s episode (think Jack Bauer, only two hours left in the day, post-chugging a smoothie of pure HGH), the character would be flying along if he were lucky enough to drink Pascal’s real-world espresso elixir.

Still: let’s refrain from judging Pascal for his coffee order. The man’s carrying multiple prestige TV series at once — his Google Calendar is likely a nightmare. Drinking four-to-five cups of coffee in one icy gulp is pretty intense (his order has 384 milligrams of caffeine, the FDA-recommended daily limit is 400), but would you rather he was drinking a grande iced caramel macchiato with two pumps of hazelnut syrup?

Objectively, yes, Pascal’s order is insane. But it’s also pretty badass. And considering he’s got five projects in production on IMDB, it’s clearly working.

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