It’s Not a Wonderful Life for Trump Supporters Stuck Watching “SNL” Cold Open

Alec Baldwin returns as the president, joining Matt Damon, Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller.

Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin skewer Trump on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (NBC)
Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin skewer Trump on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (NBC)

Last night, Saturday Night Live opened with enough stars to rival all the pipers and drummers and leapin’ lords from the Christmas song — all gathered together to make fun of President Trump in time for the holiday.

The overlong cold open featured a riff on the classic movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, only retitled, It’s a Wonderful Trump, in which a number of left leaning actors take Alec Baldwin’s Donald through an alternate reality in which he isn’t elected president.

George Bailey, he’s not.

Among the cameos: Robert De Niro returned as Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Ben Stiller reprised Michael Cohen and host Matt Damon whooped his way through the sketch as Brett Kavanaugh, albeit one who is not on the Supreme Court in this alternate timeline.

“Me on the Supreme Court? With my temperament? Are you insane?!” Damon’s Kavanaugh guffaws.

Sound funny? See the clip and judge for yourself:

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