How A Newcomer’s Murder Brought To Light Another Crime From 1985

Neighbors were suspicious when David Gaut moved in. He was later murdered.

New Tredegar (Flickr)

The Rhymney Valley is set in the green hills of South Wales. There are a number of small villages across the basin floor, and no one really thought anything of it when a stranger arrived six weeks ago in the town of New Tredegar. David Gaut, 54, moved into a ground-floor unit in a government-owned apartment complex. At first, no one paid much mind. But then he let it slip that he had been in prison, and his story allegedly kept changing.

Interest and suspicion started swirling around Gaut, writes The Washington Post. 

Who wants to live next door to a child killer or a paedo?” a neighbor told the Sun.

But then on Saturday, Gaut was found dead in his apartment. His murder had suddenly thrown back into focus another crime from 1985, when a 17-month-old child was tortured and killed. The Post says that the murder was described at the time by a judge as “the worst crime in the land.”

According to the Independent, the same David Gaut was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for killing his girlfriend’s baby, but he was released last year. What he did 33 years ago is thought to be the possible motive for his own murder.

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