You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Coffee Table for This XXL Shark Book

It comes in its own shark cage

September 2, 2016 9:00 am

After years of snapping celebrities, rockers and athletes showing off their pearly whites, an L.A.-based photographer decided he had bigger teeth to photograph.

Over the last decade, Michael Muller has used his patented seven-bulb, 1,200-watt strobe lighting rig to snap pictures of some of the most elusive and dangerous sharks in the world, and Taschen just published the best of the best from his portfolio in a new XXL hardcover book.

The images in Muller’s collection are presented geographically and they include sand tiger sharks in South Africa, hammerheads in the Bahamas and a rare photo of a great white breaching at night.

Presented in a metal cage based on the one Muller sometimes had to use to capture his collection of underwater images, each of the 1,000 collector’s editions of Sharks is signed by the photographer himself.

In addition to the photos, the $1,500 book includes essays from Jacques Cousteau’s grandson Philippe, marine biologist Alison Kock and culture writer Arty Nelson.

Could be time to get an early start on your Shark Week shopping.

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