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Five classic movie sets now available for booking

By The Editors
September 8, 2015 9:00 am

Spoiler alert: Planet of the Apes was not shot on a distant estranged planet.

It was filmed in Arizona.

The intergalactic wasteland of Tatooine? Tunisia.

Fiction may be facade, but it’s facade worth visiting.

So inclined, a man can use a plane ticket  — and a little imagination — to visit Jurassic Park, the Hunger Games, Middle Earth or the Field of Dreams.

Horror buffs can spend a night in The Shining hotel, the inn from The Haunting (legitimately known for being haunted) or the lovely Kimberly Crest Home & Gardens from cult slasher Hell Night.

Not into the whole “Look out for the axe behind ya” thing?

Here are five crashable movie sets for the more cinematically savvy.

Indiana Jones’ Childhood Home
The B&B that once played backdrop to an adventurous Sean Connery as Jones Sr. and River Phoenix as adolescent Indy. Note: not in Indiana.

Goldfinger’s Stoke Park
Connery strikes again. Play the course where Mr. Bond and Goldfinger went mano a mano in one of film’s greatest 18-hole showdowns.

Frankenstein’s Oakley Court
More classic than creepy. Also shot here: The Brides of Dracula and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Ex Machina’s Juvet
A night at this ultra-modern hideaway will only run you roughly $130, plus a ticket to Norway. Jaw-dropping dance with a female robot not included.  

The Avengers at Bleinheim Place
Jesus, how many movies is Connery in? The only non-royal, non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title of palace. No stranger to celebrity, though: Bleinheim’s also hosted over 28 films including Gulliver’s Travels, Harry Potter and a sick Barry Manilow concert in ’83. 

Pro tip: Visit in the fall for the British supercar affair Salon Privé.


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