Monopoly Is Releasing a New Board That Encourages Cheating

Actual, functional handcuffs included

January 31, 2018 9:00 am

There are two types of Monopoly players.

Type 1: Knows the rules, plays by the rules, probably had the idea to set up the game in the first place.

Type 2: Doesn’t really know the rules, doesn’t care enough to learn, periodically steals cash during the game.

A massive wrench is being thrown into this tenuous symbiosis, as Hasbro just announced it’s dropping “Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition,” this fall. The game is essentially all the classic chaotic confusion of Monopoly (I’m thoroughly a Type 2 player, if you can’t tell), plus the addition of an extra deck of cards in the middle of the board that encourages bad behavior. Skipping spaces, not paying rent, pulling off low-key bank robberies … that sort of thing.

It’ll be interesting to see how the straightlaced Stanleys adapt to a gameplay that hinges on deception and deceit. Especially as the game calls for anyone caught in the act to be literally handcuffed to the board.

Of course, true Type 2s will have thought ahead and greased the wrists for an easy escape.

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