Missing Florida Woman Found in Sewers of Delray Beach

She had been missing for 3 weeks

Delray Beach
Delray Beach is in the news for something that occurred far from the surf.
Sayaka Ganz/Unsplash

Nearly every year, the news media recounts a bumper crop of “Florida man” stories — specifically, accounts of bizarre happenings involving men hailing from the Sunshine State. It’s likely that 2021 will bring more of the same, though in this case there’s likely to be something different: at least one “Florida woman” story in the mix as well.

A new report in The Guardian recounts a head-spinning series of events that took place recently in Delray Beach, Florida. A woman was out driving her car near a storm drain when she heard something out of place. Further investigation revealed the mysterious sound to be screaming — specifically, a naked woman screaming in the bottom of an 8-foot-deep drain.

Thankfully, emergency services were able to rescue the woman, who had been reported missing 3 weeks earlier.

According to the missing woman’s account, she noticed a door when she was swimming in a nearby canal. She went inside and found herself trapped in the sewer system for several weeks, with little besides a can of ginger ale for sustenance. The Guardian reports that heath officials believe that she was down there for days rather than weeks — which still sounds like an absolutely horrifying experience — and police are presently investigating.

It’s a strange case to be sure, but it’s also reassuring to know that someone who’d been missing is now found. And if you do see a mysterious door when out for a swim, you should probably avoid exploring what’s inside.

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