Michael Cohen Told Tom Arnold His Guilty Plea was “a Lie”

Trump's former lawyer walks back on his guilty plea

Tom Arnold and Michael Cohen seem like buddies.
Tom Arnold and Michael Cohen seem like buddies.

It’s 2019 and the person getting the big scoops out there is … Tom Arnold?

In tapes the actor and former husband of Roseanne Barr provided to the Wall Street Journal, the former lawyer for President Trump seems to walk back on his guilty plea for charges that he evaded taxes as well as a criminal charge related to his home-equity line of credit. In the tapes, he says his previous admission was “a lie.”

Cohen, who is set to start a three-year prison sentence on May 6, believes he wasn’t given a fair shake, it seems.

“You would think that you would have folks, you know, stepping up and saying, ‘You know what, this guy’s lost everything,’” he says in the tapes. Adding, “My family’s happiness, and my law license,” Mr. Cohen continued. “I lost my business … my insurance, my bank accounts, all for what? All for what? Because Trump, you know, had an affair with a porn star? That’s really what this is about.”

As the WSJ points out, these latest admissions likely won’t help Cohen in his quest to shorten his prison stay, even though the Cohen did not know the True Lies star was recording the conversation. The conversation hit on other issues, including the current legal troubles of attorney Michael Avenatti to Mr. Trump’s affinity for the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. Even though he turned the supposedly private conversation over to the press, Arnold heaped praise on Cohen, telling him,“You are a hero and you’re not alone.”


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