Meet the Woman Empowering Girls Around the Globe By Climbing Mountains

Sara Safari had never climbed a mountain when she set her sights on summiting Everest.

When Sara Safari decided to tackle Mount Everest, she had never climbed a mountain before. So she attempted to reach the top of Mount Whitney, a 14,505-foot peak in California, first. But everything went wrong and she did not make it to the summit. However, Safari did make it through the night on her own and was decidedly hooked on mountaineering.

While training for Everest, she connected with Empower Nepali Girls, an organization that works to give scholarships and educational opportunities to disadvantaged girls and young women in Nepal, according to National Geographic. Safari started to use her mountain adventures to highlight the group’s work. She raises one dollar per foot of any mountain she climbs to provide education for the girls in the program.

Safari has decided to climb all seven summits (the seven highest peaks on the seven continents) for seven organizations who are empowering women. She hopes to be the first Iranian women to climb all seven. Nat Geo writes that she has completed five of the mountains, and only has two left.

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