God Grant Me the Confidence of Lori Loughlin Asking a Judge If She Can Take a Vacation

Let this be an inspiration to us all this summer

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli pose outdoors under green sun umbrella
Just a couple of ex-cons seeking a little fun in the sun
Donato Sardella/WireImage

Like many of us, Lori Loughlin is in the process of planning her summer vacation. But while the biggest obstacle standing between most of us and a relaxing getaway is asking our bosses if we can take some time off, Loughlin must first seek permission from a much more formidable vacation gatekeeper: a judge.

That’s because Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, have only recently completed their respective prison sentences for their involvement in the college admissions scandal, which saw the couple accused of paying $500,000 to ringleader Rick Singer to falsely designate their daughters as crew recruits at the University of Southern California. Loughlin and Giannulli completed their sentences in December and April, respectively, and remain under two years of supervised release. So while you may be cowering at the prospect of asking your boss for time off and drafting a TED talk arguing why, precisely, you need and deserve a vacation (to which your boss will probably just respond something to the effect of, “I literally don’t care. Please just take a vacation and stop bothering me, I’m trying to do work, unlike some people”) at least you don’t have to petition an actual executor of the law, which is what Loughlin did.

People reports Loughlin and her husband have requested permission to take a five-day trip to Mexico in June, “to spend time with [their] family,” per court documents filed last week. It seems reasonable that the couple would want to catch up on some family bonding time after that whole prison thing, but as The Cut pointed out, perhaps asking a judge for special treatment isn’t the best look for people who recently served jail time for crimes committed in the pursuit of special treatment.

That said, while I have been strongly cautioned against publicly expressing sympathy for Loughlin and her husband, I’ll admit I admire the woman’s confidence — or gall, as some might argue — and, frankly, can’t blame her for trying. In fact, I think we could all take some inspiration from Loughlin on this one. If you, a person who has not been imprisoned for committing crimes, are struggling to work up the courage to take your vacation time, just remember that Lori Loughlin, a convicted criminal, has no qualms about asking a judge if she can hop off on a little Mexican getaway. If Lori Loughlin thinks she deserves a vacation, then you do, too. May we all reach Loughlin levels of vacation-seeking confidence this summer.

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