The Lincoln Project Shifting From PAC to Media Company

The “Never Trump” Republicans have signed with United Talent Agency

Rick Wilson speech
Rick Wilson speaks at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in November 2019.
Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

The Lincoln Project, the political action committee made up of current and former Republicans who consider themselves “Never Trump”-ers and aim to defeat the president and help elect Joe Biden, looks like it’ll be sticking around after November. As Axios reports, the group is “solidifying plans to ramp up its media arm after the general election next week and is considering offers from various television studios, podcast networks and book publishers.”

The PAC, which includes members like Rick Wilson, George Conway and Steve Schmidt, reportedly signed with United Talent Agency with the aim of expanding Lincoln Media.

“We discovered in doing research that voters are getting lots of information from streaming and podcasts,” Wilson said. “We decided to build those things as advocacy vectors. We didn’t set out to become a media company, but we’ve inadvertently become a content creation machine.”

“As a media business, we’re putting a pretty big bet on the idea that they know how to get audiences,” Ra Kumar, the UTA agent who represents the Lincoln Project, said of the group’s plans, noting that the level of outreach from Hollywood firms wanting to work with the project “has been unprecedented.”

The Lincoln Project has raised over $58 million this year, including $39.4 million from July through September. 

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