The Last Known VCR Maker Is Calling It Quits

Apparently, there is a limit to '90s nostalgia

July 21, 2016 9:00 am

From our “Those Were the Days” Dept.:

The VCR is set to join the big rec room in the sky when Funai Electric, its last known manufacturer, halts production at the end of this month.  

We know what you’re thinking:

Yes, videocassette recorders are still a thing. And yes, people still buy them. According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the company sold 750,000 units worldwide last year.

The Japanese company — which, as Ars Technica reported, sold as many as 15 million devices per year at one point — has cited declining sales and difficulty of finding parts as the chief reasons for pulling the plug.

Translation: What’s on Netflix tonight?

But don’t be surprised to see the VCR eventually go the way of other antiquated media forms and experience a resurgence (looking at you, vinyl and cassette tapes).

So before you throw away that musty old box of VHS tapes, it might be wise to check the resale market.

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