Land Rover Just Built the Perfect Smartphone for Getting Lost in the Woods

It's got two days of battery and a built-in offroading map

February 28, 2018 9:00 am

Get yourself a pair of work boots, only to sport ‘em at brewhalls? Fine. Do you.

But purchase the new Land Rover smartphone and consign it to a stable, suburban life of commutes and lunches? No, sir. Adventurers only.

Land Rover paired with the phonemakers at Bullitt Group to give the Land Rover Discovery-inspired, bespoke mobile a healthy dose of indestructibility. We’re talking two-day battery life, a touchscreen compatible with gloved hands, a screen protector and case that protect it from an unintended dip (saltwater, too) and wherewithal to last and function well in extreme cold or heat. Nicknamed the Explore, it runs on Android Nougat OS and comes equipped with an off-roading map, SOS light and a compass. 

Pick one up and go get crazy. Balancing it on the sink to play music as you shower doesn’t count. 

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