James Bond Had the Most Influential Menswear Outfit in Movie History

This look from "Skyfall" is still inspiring men over a half-decade after its release.

There’s no hiding the fact that James Bond is the man every other man wants to be. From his charm to his job, Bond has it all, including the handmade bespoke suits and shoes that are key to his appeal. GQ writes that Bond’s outfits — from Sean Connery’s dinner jackets in Dr. No to Daniel Craig’s more Tom Ford-esque look — defined what a well-dressed man should look like for generations. However, purposefully, it is all out of reach. But that’s why one of Daniel Craig’s simplest outfits in Skyfall became one of the most influential menswear outfits in movie history. Late in the movie, Craig is in the Scottish countryside, outfitted with a shotgun. He’s wearing a Barbour jacket, an almost-teal sweater, jeans, and brogue boots, and he looks like he could be basically anywhere. As GQ puts it, it is a “carefully considered style, but not very exciting.” However, the outfit caught basically everyone’s eye, including Reddit’s. On the Male Fashion Advice (MFA) forum it’s been looked at, taken apart, and broken down. A post showing the outfit in three different price tiers was upvoted 8,000 times. Not only is the outfit something that guys could afford to wear, but it is also something guys want to wear.

“Unlike [Bond’s] suits or tuxes, this outfit seems accessible to most users’ lifestyles, so it’s easier to imagine actually going out and wearing those clothes,” Nigel, a moderator for MFA, told GQ. “A lot of [MFA] users prefer basic outfits executed well. People starting out want strict instructions on how to dress well, so these kinds of posts featuring a list of items for a specific but basic outfit at various budgets become very popular very quickly.”

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