This Photographer Is Reviving the Art of the Nude Polaroid

Remember erotic photography before Snapchat? (NSFW)

January 13, 2017 9:00 am

Somewhere in a dusty closet, you probably have a Polaroid of a former lover in some state of undress.

That memory isn’t going anywhere. Or being phone-jacked. It’s yours.

And that’s the type of memory lifestyle photographer Nate “Igor” Smith (Rolling Stone, Vice, his own NSFW blog Driven By Boredom) is trying to revive with Instaxx, a new NSFW photo book now funding on Kickstarter. After his instant film moment (at 19, with his then girlfriend), Smith realized he was hooked. “I soon starting photographing all my friends, girlfriends and lovers nude on Polaroid,” he notes.

Instaxxx (4 images)

(Like the slideshow but wanted the uncensored pics? Go to the Kickstarter page.)

But these actually aren’t Polaroids. Mostly shot on FujiFilm’s Instax Wide — which is closer to 35mm — Instaxx will feature more than 100 artsy, faded pics of beautiful naked women. Rewards for the crowdfunding campaign start at $5 (which gets you access to a blog with scans and outtakes) and go up to $100 (book and signed photos from some photographed porn stars). At $750, you’ll get the actual camera most of these models were photographed with, along with the book and Smith’s prior releases.

But not the girls.

For that, you gotta make your own memories, friend.

Oh, and here’s an NSFW behind-the-scenes promo video for the book. You know, for science.

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